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Staffing Solutions

                  Definitions of Staffing Solutions


Short Term Solutions

Recruitment and Placement

THA may run a recruitment campaign to recruite suitably qualified candidates and brings them together with a potential Employer for the purpose of establishing a "permanent" employment relationship.


Temporary Support
We assign our staff to supplement a Customer's work force. To keep our Customer fully staffed during busy times, provide expertise, staff special events, or fill temporary vacancy. Employees are recruited, screened, and assigned by THA.


Temporary to Hire - (Try before you hire)
A THA Employee works for a customer for a trial period during which both the Employee and the Customer consider establishing a "permanent" employment relationship.


Daily Support

THA assigns staff to a Customer’s business, to perform duties on an hourly billed basis. (Minimum 5 hours per day)


Medium Term Solutions


Special Events / Special Placement
THA provides career services, including career counselling, resumé writing, job search skills, targeting the job market and interview preparation and referrals, to assist specific employee groups, e.g. unemployed persons on a Hospitality Learnership, under-employed persons.


Long Term Solutions


Human Resource Consulting
THA advises its Customers on a broad range of work force solutions, including services for optimising staff skill levels, employee productivity, training, recruitment and retention.


Long-Term and Contract
THA assigns staff, to staff an entire hospitality division (i.e. Food and Beverage Division / Conference Division), or supplement a customer's work force on longer-term assignments. Employees are recruited, screened, and assigned by THA.


Managed Services
THA assumes full responsibility for operating a specific Customer function (e.g., Managed Bar Service, Managed Food and Beverage Service or Manage Human Resource Department for a Conference Centre) on a continuing basis.



Payroll Function - A

THA places on its payroll employees recruited or hired by the customer. Payroll -A is distinguished from Payroll - B arrangements, in that the employees generally are on temporary assignments and make up a small proportion of the customer’s work force.


Payroll Function - B
A business places all or most of its work force on the payroll of THA, and THA assumes responsibility for payroll, benefits, and other human resource functions. 


Why do people do business with THA?

There are three main reasons why businesses and people are making use of THA's, Temporary Employment Service (TES).

First, the costs of complying with employment laws and the costs of the direct administration of employees. Organisations are better served by THA who are BEE compliant, sustainable and have the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to manage such compliance.

Second, that THA has a pool of competent employees who can be brought into your organisation and utilised at the highest level of efficiency at reasonably short notice. 

Third, when you wish to be involved in the development of unemployed and under-employed citizens as part of your social responsibility programme, going the route of making use of THA who is involved in the development of unemployed and under-employed people makes economical sense, as THA have a hospitality education and people development academy.

The common factor between these reasons being one of cost, as an accepted norm in the Temporary Employment Service industry is that the costs of utilising the services of THA are 10% to 30% of what it would cost to directly employ staff.

THA are more efficient at managing staff as managing employees is our core business.
Relevant Legislation
The Labour Relations Act ("LRA") makes provision for Temporary Employment Service (TES) to lawfully exist and trade, with emphasis on the fact that an employee of THA will remain an employee of THA, irrelevant of the employee performing services for you.
There is, however, joint and several liability for both THA and our customer in terms of Section 198 of the LRA with respect to contraventions of collective agreements, arbitration awards, the Wage Act or the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
Section 82 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act specifically spells out the ambits of such joint and several liability, which would range from salary shortfalls, overtime disputes, and/or incorrect working hours.
In terms of Section 57 of the Employment Equity Act, for the purposes of employment equity, a THA employee who works for an indefinite duration or a period of three months (without a contract of employment), is deemed an employee of that particular customer and, furthermore, where there has been an act of unfair discrimination, both THA and our customer remain jointly and severally liable.
There are a number of additional obligations on THA because of the Income Revenue Legislation, i.e. PAYE, UIF, COID, and SDL.
Contractual Arrangements
Our contracts are a tripartite relationship between THA and our customer, and THA and the customers selected employee.
The principle agreement entered into between THA and our customers provides for a series of indemnities from THA to our customer in respect of various issues, including those areas in which our customer would be jointly and severally liable.
This entails disputes directly against our customers being referred in terms of the dispute resolution mechanisms of bargaining councils and the CCMA. There should be no need for such disputes as THA enter into substantial contracts with our employees, in which the nature of the relationship is spelt out.
THA compliance
We observe and ensure compliance with all requirements and obligations as set out in the Labour Legislation of South Africa, inter alia, following:
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997 (BCEA)
  • Labour Relations Act, 1995 (LRA)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 (OHSA)
  • Compensation for Occupational injuries and diseases Act no.130 of 1993 (COID)
  • Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998 (SDA / SDL)
  • South African Revenue Service Act, 34 of 1997 (PAYE)
  • Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act, 2003 (UIF)
  • Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998 (EEA)
  • South African Consumer Protection Act, Act No. 68 of 2008
THA Staffing Solution Contract Benefits
  1. THA selects suitable candidates for the various positions.
    THA trains their staff to meet the Hospitality and Catering Industry minimum standards
    THA provides staff with neat uniforms ensuring that our customer’s standards are maintained.
    THA sees to the management of:
    • Industrial Relations
    • Payroll
    • Site visits / staff meetings
    • On-job coaching
    • CCMA
  2. Staff employment; Contracts, Salaries, Paid leave, UIF, SDL and COID contributions.
  3. On - Leave replacement staff.
  4. Customer Liaison with your contact person, giving you peace of mind

Some key benefits of outsourcing 
  • Increased productivity by optimally utilising resources
  • Gain competitive edge by focusing on core business areas
  • Lower costs through lesser overheads and expenses (between 10 to 30% less)
  • Access to required skills, experience and resources
  • Outsource to Labour practice specialists
  • Increase staff in high season (this lowers your yearly cost)
  • Only pay staff for the hours you require them (ensures your competitiveness)
THA will free up your management team to enable them to spend more time focusing on your Core business.
Every hospitality company wants to achieve cost savings, a reasonable return on investment. Every company wants to focus on what they know best and factors such as access to competent staff, increased effort, and service quality are vital. All of which combine to make outsourcing a worthwhile value proposition.
An outsourcing services contract - called a Service Level Agreement - is not a contract which should be put in a drawer once signed, it should be alive and an operational tool.
Once we have concluded an outsourcing deal we appoint a member of management to manage the outsourcing relationship which is critical to its success. A successful outsourcing arrangement requires processes and procedures for managing our relationship.
For example; regular service meetings need to be planned, agreed processes for review and feedback on services provide, reporting procedures and a mechanism for resolving challenges.
Recruitment and Selection
We have an intensive selection and recruitment processes whereby applicants are subjected to a thorough selection process through interviews which include practical evaluation at one of our training centres. There is also a meticulous screening procedure which is carried out in order to ensure only those staff that have no criminal background and have a proven good track record are selected.
The Hospitality HR Solution 
  • Flexible staffing (as per customer requirements)
  • On - Leave replacement staff
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract staffing
  • Payroll solutions
  •  Human Resource Management 
THA will as far as is practical employ staff from Local Residential Areas who have the relevant experience or undertake employability initiatives in order to play a positive roll in empowering local individuals.

Disciplinary Procedures

Due to the nature of our business, we have to maintain cordial relationship with our customers. This means that, we have a disciplinary code of conduct that all staff are required to adhere to at all times. Action is taken against any of our staff who are found to be in breach of our disciplinary code of conduct.
Our rates are competitive and market related. However, special arrangements are made where the nature of the contract is such that the fixed prices of the company may not be appropriate, in which case we are open to negotiate our rates to ensure a sustainable business relationship.
Free Industry advice
Do not select a service provider based solely on price
Though it might be tempting, never select a labour solutions provider based solely on price. Experienced venues who have outsourced many events and evaluated a number of providers almost always recommend questioning the highest-priced and lowest-priced provided. Event managers and function co-ordinators report that their most successful events are the ones where they felt the provider offered a balance of good value (skills and knowledge) and quality staff (with relevant experience that meets the event/activities needs).
You can access friendly and effective staff any time you need it without the overhead of hiring full-time staff. By staying focused on your core competencies and hiring skilled and knowledgeable staff for your daily needs.
We operate in a crowded marketplace with competing agencies all claiming similar bragging rights but we recognise that there is a skill to recruitment. We insist that our staff use their initiative and imagination to source and place the correct person in the correct job and it's only with persistence that we will maintain our market position and properly serve our current and future customers.
A lot of organisations use unregistered Outsourcing Companies, why? Because they are cheaper!  
Would you entrust your precious business and your customers to people you do not really know just to save a couple of bucks? With a company that is not only breaking the law, but by association are forcing you to become a criminal too.

Many establishments use outsourcing as a way of "bypassing” legislation. However, The Law is The Law and regardless of whether you outsource or not, you are still governed by the applicable legislation. Although the employment risk appears to be with the Outsourcing Company, there is a provision in the Labour Relations Act for joint and several liability. So if the establishment has knowingly employed the services of an unregistered Outsourcing Company, the establishments can be held liable for the contravention of that unregistered Outsourcing Company.

A "legitimate” outsource company will provide their staff with full statutory benefits (Leave, Sick Leave, UIF, COID) and they will deduct PAYE. It is crucial that the outsource company has an up to date letter of good standing from COID (Commission for Occupational Injuries & Diseases) or you can get involved in a complex legal battle if a staff member is injured on your premises.

A good outsource company will always ensure that their staff are being paid above the industry minimum wage. The question we ask ourselves is; Why would a quality person want to work for your venue?

According to Legislation in Section 24 and Section 25, of the Skills Development Act, Private Employment Agencies [Temporary Employment Service (TES)] must register with the Department of Labour.

How to solve staffing challenges by hiring temps
Temporary personnel can keep your front office running while your usual receptionist is on maternity leave, your barman is having hip surgery, your chef assistant goes on a Mediterranean cruise or one of your scullery staff quits. But they also can be useful if you need some extra assistance and aren't sure you can afford to hire a permanent person.
Hiring staff from THA can help maintain staff morale when the number of permanent staff dwindles or the workload increases. This also can be a means of testing out a worker before hiring. And if things don't work out, it is easier to request THA to find another person.
If you get someone and if there is any kind of difficulty, whether it is coming in late or not showing up, a replacement will be provided.
Using temps, either for longer-term needs over several weeks or months, or as a stopgap before hiring someone permanently, is becoming a fairly common practice.
The temporary staffing industry has been one of the few consistent employment growth areas.
Some experts suspect more businesses are using temporary workers because they are hesitant to hire permanent staff while the economy is still on unsteady footing.
Once the decision is made
If a staffing agency is used, the first step is to identify one that is familiar with the hospitality industry.
THA is a recognised and registered staff solutions agency with the Department of Labour. We are ready to be of service when you need staff.
Word-of-Mouth recommendations have played a large part in our sustainability.
By placing an order a week or more in advance increases the chance of booking someone who most closely matches your requirements.
The sooner you get in contact, the better. That gives us the greatest opportunity to have the most qualified service staff available.
If a temp works particularly well, you may request the same temp for future planned events.
With contracted staff THA charges a premium over the rate actually paid to the employee. This covers CIOD, UIF, SDL and Paid leave due and other benefit. The actual cost, the management fee, is negotiable.