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                                       The Agency Concept


Temporary Hospitality Agency is a full service Human Resource Agency, with skills, knowledge and experience as a service provider for support staff to the; Hospitality Industry Venue Owner, Caterer, Conference Centre / Conference Coordinator, Wedding Venue / Wedding Planner and Event Industries or Function Initiator (in the case of a private party). We offer professional service excellence to Executive Corporate Dinning Rooms, Private Dinning Special Occasions as well as providing the services of an Outsource Service Provider to the broader Hospitality Industry.
Our services range from daily needs, to short and long term contracts or as your in-house human resource department, an extension of your management team.
We are also a solutions provider to under-employed and unemployed persons wishing to make hospitality their career choice but do not have the financial support to study through an academic institution. 
In many instances THA is the ideal partner to an in-progress student or an already qualified person to get to know the industry and its numerous constituencies and employers (a net working situation). 
We offer a 'earn while you learn' solution.
THA's education and training is based on outcomes based learning methodologies.
Welcome to our web site. It has been designed to assist you in making a service provider decision. In-depth information is provided under Available Staff and Staffing Solutions.
Face-to-Face interaction with our customers is a very important part of what makes THA successful and has gone a long way in developing long term relationships that are sustainable. Our combined one hundred and twenty five years of experience in the restaurant, catering, conferencing and hospitality industries and hands on service delivery provide the perfect mix that meets our customers and their guest's particular needs.
As the saying goes, time is money, we do appreciate meeting you face-to-face to listen and understand your needs, your goals and your vision.
Our philosophy is - Listen - Understand - Plan - Deliver! 
Our Customers
THA provides staffing solutions to a large number of businesses and hospitality establishments in Gauteng.
A number of our customers have been contracted to provide a hospitality catering service beyond the borders of Gauteng, THA being their provider of choice has been contracted to provide service staff and transport to these function venues namely in the provinces of; North West, Mpumalanga, Free State, Limpopo and across our borders to Lesotho, in the case of Lesotho transporting 300 service staff across the border for a three day international event. 
Quality and Guest comfort 
                                        To ensure good and prompt service
To ensure that your function provides the level of quality and service that you envisage, THA suggests that you adhere to our advised staffing ratios as we have set out below for your consideration. Every event has a specific outcome that is required. We therefore advise that, in the event that you have a different staffing need, that one of our event consultants calls on you to discuss alternative staffing ratios.

Staffing ratios - to ensure good service standards are maintained   

  • To ensure your guest’s relaxation and comfort during your banquet the ratio is one/1 waiter per table during service periods
  • Should you require a bar beverage service (or cash bar service) we recommend one/1 drinks waiter per two/2 tables, so that the service will be efficient
Cocktail Party
  • To ensure your guest’s relaxation and comfort during your cocktail party/finger lunch the ratio is one/1 waiter per  thirty/30 guests during service periods
Private Dinner Party / Corporate Dinner / Corporate Luncheon
  • To ensure your guest’s relaxation and comfort during your private/business dinner party the ratio is per one/1  waiter per table including one/1 wine serve waiter
  • To ensure your guest’s relaxation and comfort during your buffet the ratio is per one/1 waiter per two tables of  ten/10 guests during service periods
  • Should you require a bar beverage service (or cash bar service) we recommend one/1 drinks waiter per two/2  tables, so that the service will be efficient
Summing-Up Suggested Minimum Standard staffing ratio: 
Gourmet Event 1 Waiter per 10 guests seated and 1 Wine Service Waiter per 20 Guests
Banquet / Seated Dinner 1 Waiter  
per 10 guests
Cocktail Party 1 Waiter per 15 guests
Black tie Cocktail Function 1 bar person per 75 guests
Cash Bar / Banquet 1 bar person per 50 guests
Supervision 1 Supervisor per 100 guests / 10 tables of 10
Function Management 1 Function Manager per 1000 Guests

Booking and Rates

THA staff may be booked through this web site by making use of the Request-a-Quote facility, or call our office on (011) 782 – 6793 / 3597 between 08h00 to 16h30 Mon – Fri and 09h00 to 11h00 on Saturdays (Public Holidays excluded), or email

Bookings via email may be made at anytime.  

A 5/five hour minimum per staff member applies per shift and payment made within 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made.

Accounts are billed monthly and payable within 7/Seven Days.

Should your event fall on a Sunday or Public Holiday please budget for double the normal hourly rate, this is in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. 

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