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Success means having 
the courage,
the determination, 
the will to become 
the person you believe 
you were meant to be
          George Sheehan


Temporary Hospitality Agency's Background

To be the preferred Outsource Staff Solution Company for the; Conference and Wedding Venue, B&B's, Hotels and Lodges, Small, Medium and Large Catering Service sectors of the Hospitality Industry, and exclusive staff provider for an; Executive Boardroom Dining and Corporate Event and Specialised catering occasion. 

Mission Statement

To supply service staff who are customer-focused
To supply service staff who are Educated and Trained to meet customer needs
Offer staff assessment for competency that concludes with Credits and a National Qualification
Temporary Hospitality Agency – History and Business Focus

THA was established in 1995 and is a specialist in hospitality staffing solutions, and is owned and run by Anton Zotho and Mike Tembo. THA was based in Braamfontein Johannesburg, South Africa for many years. THA provides a one-stop service staff solution according to customers needs.

Since its inception, THA has been a registered labour brokerage and is a certified Level 3 BEE service provider.  

THA provides staff that meets with our customers daily needs (minimum 5 hours); from recruiting - with a try before you appoint basis (contract or permanent), permanent placement service and a short, medium and long term contracting service. All staffing solution services adhere to the requirements of the Labour Relations and Basic Conditions of Employment Acts.   

The foundation of our quality assurance of service is with a management team having over 100 years hospitality industry experience between them (from Silver service to 5 Star Plus Butler service). This ensures an understanding of what is required from a candidate as well as what the job specification entails from our customers. THA's reputation has been built on efficiency and professionalism which is ingrained into the business culture and ethics of THA. 
Key Focus Areas

THA’s key focus areas are in the Hospitality Industry: Conferencing, Wedding, Banqueting Venues, Private Caterer, Mass Catering Service Provider, Corporate Boardroom Service and Private Home Function.  

The hospitality functional areas that THA provides outsourced staff for are:

  • Food and Beverage Service (Silver Service, Boardroom Service, Wine Steward, Function Supervisor, Banqueting Waiter, FSA, Conference Service Waiter, Conference Set-up Waiter, General Waiter, Beverage Station Waiter, Runner, Bartender, Bar hand, Banqueting and Wedding Set-up crew, and General Cleaner)
  • Food Preparation and Cooking (Chef, Chef Assistant, Cook, FSA and Scullery) 
  • Accommodation Services (Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeper, Common Area Cleaner and Laundry Staff)
  • Front of House (Receptionist, Porter, Host and Hostess) 

The vision of THA is to become the hospitality industries preferred staffing solutions provider, providing the correct person/s for the position/function ensuring a good match in all aspects, with both the required hard and soft skills being taken into account.

Management and Staff
THA has over 15 years experience in supplying hospitality professionals to Restaurants, Clubs, Convention Centres, Corporate Staff Dining Facilities, Corporate Events, Corporate Sports Box, Executive Board Room Lunch/Dinner and Private Home Dinner, Birthday and Celebrations.
THA office staff are experienced professionals themselves, they know the industry and appreciate the problems of both customers and staff. THA expect the very highest standard of professionalism from every member of our team.
We only recruit well groomed, courteous and experienced staff for banqueting, silver service, a la carte, coporate café staff, chefs, counter hands, kitchen hands and canteen assistants all at a moments notice.
THA has specialised staff training programs which are designed to equip hospitality staff with the skills and competencies that will enable them to improve their performance. 
Training and Education
Learners who wish to attend these programmes are interviewed to ensure that the majority plan to make the Tourism & Hospitality industry their career choice.
Learners first attend an employability programme where all of the guests/customer requirements are explained and demonstrated. Once the learner has demonstrated the necessary level of competence they enter our pool of outsource staff.
Those who show an aptitude for further study in the hospitality sector are offered a skills programme with credits that lead to a qualification registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).
Our training programmes follow the regulations and accreditation requirements of the NQF.
Skills Programmes that we offer to our staff are for:
  • Waiter
  • Bartender 
  • Wine Service
  • FSA
  • Front of House Manager
  • Function Supervisor 
  • Host
  • Chef Assistant
Some of the functions for which THA has provided staff include the following:  
  • Inauguration of Lesotho Highlands Water Project   Lesotho
  • Launching of the African Renaissance at Crown Mines – Johannesburg
  • Inauguration of President Zuma  Pretoria
  • Government and State Owned Enterprises
  • Corporate Lunch, Dinner, Function and Cocktail party
  • Corporate sports event box, Product Launch and Conference
  • Launch of Tourism and Other products
  • Manning Hospitality stands at Events and Expo's (Meet, Greet, Serve) 
  • Weddings and Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Ceremonies and Sporting Events
Recently awarded Tenders and Contracts for Government, State Owned Enterprises and Corporate institutions have been extended, are for the management and supply of; Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Chef de Partie, Cooks, Reception Personnel, Function Co-ordinators, Conference Centre Set-up Staff and Beverage Station Waiters, Waiters, Barmen, Banqueting Waiters, Boardroom Waiters, Food Service Assistants (FSA’s), Scullery, Cleaners, Housekeepers, Laundry Attendants and Cashiers. 
Our core values

  • We adhere to the fairness, justice and equality in our work
  • We relate to each other with honesty and transparency
  • We maintain a strong work ethic, taking responsibility for our work and actions, keeping our word, and following through on our commitments


  • We treat everyone equally and with courtesy
  • We engage others with compassion, empathy and tolerance
  • We are committed to a working environment that is inclusive and diverse 

  • Provision of service excellence first time
  • We employ the best people to accomplish our customers goals
  • We continuously improve our processes, procedures, and services to exceed the expectations of those we serve
Open Communication
  • We promote an environment where communication is encouraged, open, and two-way.

People Development
  • Provide training to our selected members of staff
  • Carry out continuous evaluation of performance levels through customer feed back and quality audits
  • Emphasis on use of clean uniforms, personal hygiene and professional conduct


THA’s strengths are foundered on the experience of its founding members, who have worked in the hospitality industry for a combined 35 years before venturing out on their own. They have presently a combined 32 years experience in the hospitality outsource industry.THA believes in the training and development of its human resources with the main objective of establishing employable people and sustainable employment opportunities.
We are a highly motivated team of people mostly from the previously disadvantaged sector of the community and have set high standards aimed not only to meet our customers needs but also ensuring that our business is sustainable through repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Our ability to achieve solutions is derived through commitment, support and enthusiasm. We actively seek to reduce your stress by providing appropriate staff in all categories of hospitality. 

Social Responsibilities
Temporary Hospitality Agency is committed to creating employment with and through Education and Training opportunities and thus contributes positively to the country's skills base, investor needs, economic growth and prosperity for all. 

Our Business Philosophy
  1. People
    Recognize the value and contribution of each individual, and demonstrate concern for the health, safety, and well-being of employees and their families. 
  2. Integrity
    Conduct business ethically, honestly, and fairly, and treat everyone with respect.
  3. Responsibility
    Accept responsibility for our actions and act responsibly in our jobs and in our dealings with each other, our customers, and our communities. 
  4. Quality
    Satisfy our customers with quality products and services, while providing the highest value. 
  5. Productivity
    Maximize the use of our resources to maintain profitability and to support continued growth.
  6. Innovation
    Use creativity, teamwork, and continuous improvement to "find a better way”.

THA Code of Ethics and Good Staffing Solution Practice  

One of the principal missions of Temporary Hospitality Agency is to encourage high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with its employees, customers and competitors.
THA acknowledge that compliance with ethical conduct is in the best interests of our business, our customers and our employees and the temporary employment services (TES) industry as a whole.
We pledge to adherence to this code and to the general code of ethics and the principles and practices as set forth below that THA will always strive:
  • To comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business and to maintain high standards of ethical conduct in the operation of our business and in our dealings with employees, customers, and competitors
  • To treat all applicants and employees with dignity and respect and to provide equal employment opportunities, based on bona fide job qualifications, without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any basis prohibited by applicable law
  • To maintain high standards of integrity in all advertising, and to assign the best qualified employees to fill a customers' needs
  • To determine the experience and qualifications of applicants and employees as we deem appropriate to the circumstances, or as may be required by law
  • To explain to employees prior to assignment their wage rate, applicable benefits, hours of work, and other assignment conditions and to promptly pay any wages and benefits due in accordance with the terms of their employment and applicable legal requirements
  • To encourage employee to make an effort to upgrade their skills and make provision for facilities and resources for employees to upgrade their skills and knowledge
  • To satisfy all applicable employer obligations, including payment of the employer's share of statuary payments (PAYE) and unemployment insurance (UIF), and workers' compensation (CIOD) and to explain to employees that THA is responsible for such obligations.
  • To ascertain that employees are assigned to work sites that are safe, that they understand the nature of the work the customer has called for and can perform such work without injury to themselves or others, and that they receive any personal safety training and equipment that may be required
  • To take prompt action to address employee questions, concerns, or complaints regarding unsafe work conditions, discrimination or any other matter involving the terms and conditions of their employment
  • To confirm temporary employees' periods of service upon request by a subsequent employer and with the consent of the employee.
  • To pay temporary employee a pre-stated minimum amount if they report punctually to a designated customer ready and able for work and the customer does not utilize their services.
  • To pay wages only in cash or EFT and to give temporary employees' an itemised wage statement of gross earnings, advances, deductions, and net earnings for each pay period worked.
  • To pay wages at the company head office or branch from where they are dispatched or by EFT to the temporary employees' nominated bank account. Other arrangements may be made at the request of the employee.
  • To advise temporary employees' that they are not required to use THA supplied transportation, if any, to the customer job site.

With respect to the procedures to be followed in assigning:

  • To promptly advise temporary employees remaining in the function booking office when it appears likely that no further customer orders will be received.
  • To keep the function booking office and the immediate surroundings clean and well lighted and to provide adequate restroom facilities for temporary employees' waiting to be assigned.

Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Staff Solution Contracts (Medium & Long term)
To observe the following guidelines to ensure an orderly transition when taking over an account being serviced by another staffing company:
  • The outgoing company and its employees should, whenever feasible, be given reasonable prior notice that the account is being transferred.
  • Assigned employees of the outgoing company should, whenever feasible, be allowed to continue working on the payroll of the outgoing company for some reasonable transition period; thereafter, they should be given the choice of accepting an assignment with another customer of the outgoing company if one is available, or applying to stay on their current assignment with Temporary Hospitality Agency.
  • These guidelines are subject to enforceable contracts between staffing company’s and their customers, employees, and other parties, and are not intended to prohibit or discourage any other provisions or arrangements, agreeable to the parties, that achieve an orderly transfer of accounts. 
  • THA encourages, whenever feasible, to specifically address the terms and conditions relating to the transfer of accounts in written agreements with their customers.
Code of Ethics and Good Practices for Day Staff Solution Services – (Short Term)
Recognizing that THA provides in general the Hospitality Industry, Contract catering, Conferencing, Wedding venues and other types of day labour services making an important and unique contribution to the communities we serve by providing employment for those who need temporary work, and further recognizing that our employees and prospective employees deserve to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity, we have established this Code of Ethics and Good Practices applicable to our day labour services.
For the purposes of this code, "day labour" means work that is occasional or irregular, and where the individuals seeking work, report voluntarily to a central location and are assigned to customer job sites as work becomes available. Individuals generally are assigned to work, and are paid according to the pay cycle and method agreed.