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Quote of the Day

Success means having 
the courage,
the determination, 
the will to become 
the person you believe 
you were meant to be
          George Sheehan



                   THA All Star Academy for Food and Beverage Service

Its more than a job? It's who you are!

Our foundation is customer satisfaction through focused education and training modular based training. 
Our training is made up of; a research component, a workplace assignment and a classroom component (theory and roll play). 
The outcome of all training is to develop people who demonstrate the correct hospitality attitudes towards guests and become skilled and knowledgeable in the correct actions required for efficient and effective service and respond to unexpected situations positively.

Employability Programme

THA offers an employability programme to school levers and any person who wishes to make hospitality their career of choice.

THA is positioned in the market place as the proffered employer of choice for those citizens who do not have the finances to go to an educational institution for a "formal qualification". We therefore offer a solution of "earn while you learn" to all members of our society.

Due to the variety of industry customers that THA has "learners/staff/employees" are able to learn and become experienced in a number of functional areas within the hospitality industry (meeting the need for multi-skilling).

The service that THA offers its "learners/staff/employees" range from various jobs in the food production environment and various tasks in the food and beverage service environment.

i.e. serving and clearing in a buffet setting, serving and clearing for a plated banquet and corporate boardroom environment.

Within these workplace environments an employable, previously unemployed person is empowered with; skill, knowledge and builds confidence to pursue a career in our challenging hospitality industry.

The entry requirement is that a person needs to be in the position to speak and write in the generally accepted international language of communication, English and proficient in basic numeracy.

Understandable, when communicating with a Chinese guest who"s first language is Cantonese, English would be the guests second language, English in most cases would also be a South Africans second language, being proficient in English will ensure that communication is understood and guest satisfaction ensured.

THA presently has four training venues where we present the employability programme, Johannesburg Braamfontein, Pretoria Central, Randburg North Cliff and Dobsonville Soweto. 

Itinerant Training

THA provides hospitality education and training for people development nationally. Our team of educators are proficient in most official languages spoken in South Africa.

Our training is modular based and is supported by a research component, a classroom element giving the "learner" a face-to-face opportunity to ask questions and receive individual attention and workplace based assignments. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Center

Recognition of an individuals skills that have been acquired in what ever way is a critical necessity in the redress of passed inequalities in a system that employed people for a length of time without there being a way of giving recognition to that individuals set of skills and knowledge acquired during a period of employment.

Every person in one way or another desires to be recognised for their individual worth. The RPL system offers a process to build a just society with citizens who have a positive self image of themselves.

THA is in the planning phase of setting up an RPL process that will offer recognition to previously employed and well as employed persons from the hospitality industry. Register for our News Letter n order to be well informed of our progress.

Looking to change careers or between jobs

Requirements for general hospitality staff: (Waiters, Bar, Cleaners, Cooks):

  • Must have written (not necessarily passed) Matric
  • Contactable reference  
  • Good memory skills
  • Well spoken, including English 
  • Basic reading and writing skills, including English 
  • Good basic comprehension, including English
  • Must be able to work shifts 
  • Have numeracy skills 
  • Be 18 - 26 years of age 

Requirements for Supervisors positions:

  • Passed Matric
  • Contactable references
  • Good memory skills
  • Must be able to work shifts
  • Good numeracy skills
  • 2 years experience Hotel – Conference Center as Head Waiter/ Bartender positions and/or Restaurants
  • Good reading, communication and writing skills, including English
  • Good comprehension, including English
  • Be 21 - 26 years of age
Requirements for Management positions:
  • Passed Matric
  • Contactable references 
  • Good memory skills
  • Must be able to work shifts
  • Good numeracy skills
  • 3 yrs experience in Hotel – Restaurants – Conference Centre 1 year as supervisor
  • Excellent communication and writing skills, including English
  • Excellent comprehension when communicating, writing and reading, including English
  • Computer Literate - including Excel and Word
  • Be 26 - 35 years of age
At THA we believe that every person deserves a second chance. We also believe that this is an issue of redress in our society in general that needs closer examination. We sit with many matriculants who have received a quality of education not of there doing which has deemed many of them unemployable, there is no turning the clock back, they deserve a second chance. 
What is a 'decent job'?
Be it permanent or temporary or contract or through an outsource employment service. One where the employee knows the hours of work, the workplace is a safe environment to work in, the wage is paid on the agreed day, family responsibility leave is applied correctly, and should there be overtime monies due are paid accordingly.
For every 17 hours worked 1 hour leave pay is due and paid, UIF is deducted and paid over to SARS and should the employee have worked a period of time and the need arises monies may be claimed from the UIF fund when no longer in employment.