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Quote of the Day

Success means having 
the courage,
the determination, 
the will to become 
the person you believe 
you were meant to be
          George Sheehan



                   Purpose of Feed-back

At THA, we believe that feed-back is one of the most important aspects, which completes service provision. We therefore appreciate specific feed-back, concerning our service.
By providing feed-back after every completed assignment, you provide information which THA uses to build up a profile for each staff member's; Work Experience, Skills, Knowledge/Understanding and Conduct. Thus enabling us to identify weaknesses in our training and/or staff selection process. We will then review our training programmes, specifically on these issues, by improving service requirements and thus empowering our continuous improvement ethos.
There are three formats of feed-back which we would like you to select from: 
  • The most dreaded. Negative feed-back. This is the most important which we require. It is this feed-back that has the most influence on our training, staff selection, quality assurance and sustainability of our business.
  • The feel good feed-back. Positive feed-back. This feed-back nourishes our ego’s and especially the egos of our hard working temporary staff, The Stars of the Hospitality Industry! This is a great motivator, especially as on many occasions, they are the one’s, who are up at 04H00, to prepare for the day's function, where on many occasions, having cleared, cleaned and packed away all equipment, arrive home at 3H00 or 4H00 in the morning.
  • Comments. We appreciate every comment which you may wish to make, it is desired and appreciated, no matter how small or unimportant you may feel it may be.


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